1940 City Directories online for various California cities

If you’re looking for relatives (or possible relatives) in the newly-released 1940 Federal Census, you may be interested in the following free online city directories and telephone directories from various California cities from that era:

And finally, of particular interest to a group located in Los Angeles like the JGSLA, here’s the 1939 Los Angeles city directory, which has been put online on the Los Angeles Public Library website.  Use the arrow keys at the top to navigate back and forth amongst the pages, or use the pulldown menu to select a particular page number (personal names start on page 93).  The library doesn’t have a copy of the 1940 directory available online, but they do have several other years, including 1942.

And here’s the Los Angeles Extended Area telephone directory from 1939 – but note that not every family had a telephone in 1939, so you might be better off checking the Los Angeles city directory instead.

Happy searching!

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