Board of Directors and Officers


Name / Contact Position Term
Sandy Malek President through 2017
[VACANT] 1st Vice President, Programs through 2016
Barbara Furst 2nd Vice President, Membership through 2016
Joe Kertes Chief Financial Officer through 2017
Morton Rappaport Recording Secretary through 2016



Jan Meisels Allen Pam Weisberger Lecture Series Chair through 2016
Hal Bookbinder Past President through 2017
Sally Goodman Corresponding Secretary through 2018
Harriette Hinderstein A-V Coordinator through 2018
[VACANT] through 2018
Brock Shamberg Special Projects, through 2016
[VACANT] through 2018
Susan Wichter Hospitality Chair through 2017
Gerry Winerman Immediate Past President


Non-Board Positions

Barbara Algaze Librarian, FHL Volunteer and Liaison