March 2008

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March 2008

· Sunday, March 9, 2008, 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. ·

It’s Online! Internet Sleuthing for the Family Genealogist
A Half-day Workshop – Advance Registration Recommended

1:00 – 1:15: Introduction, Pamela Weisberger
Have you wondered where your family members came from in “the old country” or what their lives were like when they immigrated to the United States? Are you longing to reconstruct your family tree to pass on to your children, but think the process is too overwhelming or time-consuming to tackle on your own? This one-day seminar about searching online resources will give you the inspiration, motivation, and tools to begin your own research project.

1:15 – 2:30: Online Odysseys: Exploring and Exploiting Internet Resources, Ron Arons
This presentation will discuss “best bet” websites beyond Steve Morse, Ellis Island and more that allow one to find many other materials online, including historical documents, newspapers and articles, living people, incarcerated (black sheep) relatives, maps and photos, foreign language translators and aids to allow you to become a genealogy detective.

2:30 – 3:30: Bringing History to Life, Beau Sharbrough
The new website, [], has scored praise in the online world by bringing history to your fingertips by providing hands-on access to high-quality scans of previously inaccessible primary sources and National Archives records which users can search, download, and annotate. This real-time demonstration will show you how to navigate the portals of historical documentation to bring your family research alive.

3:30 – 4:45: Advanced Ancestry: Names, Places, People & More! Suzanne Russo Adams
A genealogist’s paradise—more than 3 billion names, 10 million U.S. Federal Census images and over 23,000 genealogical and historical databases make [] one of the world’s most-used genealogy website. Have you ever wanted to learn how to better use Ancestry’s search technology to find your ancestors? Perhaps you’re totally new to the process. Now is your chance to learn from an Ancestry expert. You’ll learn valuable tips, tricks and techniques that will help you start getting the most out of Ancestry’s search capabilities and take your genealogical skills to the next level.

4:45 – 5:10: Questions and Answers for our speakers (speaker bios on next page)

5:10 – 5:30: Past Lives: The Stanley Diamond Story (Film) – (free admission to the film only)
The quest of Canadian genealogist Stan Diamond, to reconstruct his family in order to solve a genetic medical mystery led to the creation of the largest index in the world of specifically Jewish vital Records – Jewish Records Indexing Poland. This database has helped countless researchers discover their roots and has reunited families separated for decades because of the Holocaust.

This seminar is offered in association with the Learning for Life Program from the Skirball Cultural Center. Fee and advance registration required. You can register online for this class at: []. Click on “What’s On” at the top and click on “Courses: Winter 2008”. The first course to appear is the March 9 program. Follow instructions to create an account and give L101 as the JGSLA membership code as indicated. The general price of $26.50 will be reduced to the member price of $20 at check out. You can also register the day of the event on site.

LOCATION: Skirball Cultural Center, Magnin Auditorium, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. L.A., CA
Exit the San Diego Freeway at Skirball Center Dr. Right onto Sepulveda Blvd. and right again into Skirball parking, opposite Center entrance; or turn left on Herscher Dr., north of the Center, to the underground parking lot.

Member Updates
Welcome new members: Larry & Judy Bosworth, Joseph Laden and Joan Zuckerman. And, welcome back to rejoining member, Sharon Brown. Arnie & Susan Schwartz announce the engagement of their daughter Melissa Schwartz to Danny Moloshok. Arnie also shares that he will be teaching computer repair at the West Valley Occupational Center in Woodland Hills. If you are willing to donate old or broken computers to this class, please email Arnie at [].

Mar_09_2008_03SUZANNE RUSSO ADAMS: Adams, an accredited genealogist, is a Brigham Young University graduate with degrees in sociology and family history/genealogy. Suzanne currently works as the Professional Services Desk Manager for and previously worked in both electronic production and content acquisition for more than eight years at She currently serves on the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and Utah Genealogical Association (UGA) Boards.

Mar_09_2008_02BEAU SHARBROUGH, a popular writer and lecturer on technology in genealogy, is a former president of GENTECH, has worked on tree products at [], and is presently at [].

IAJGS Conference in Los Angeles?
Sandy Malek, JGSLA President
We hope to see many of you at the upcoming IAJGS conference in Chicago, August 17-21. Information and online registration at []. The 2009 conference will be held in Philadelphia, if you are thinking of planning ahead! JGSLA members are exploring the possibility of hosting a conference in Los Angeles, in one of the years following 2009. Anyone interested in being involved in these discussions is welcome to contact me at [].

Identifying old Photos
Bobby Furst
Photo Grafix has launched “Lost and Found Photos.” Quoting from the company’s announcement: “Many customers have asked us if we could identify photographs they inherited from relatives or rescued from the garbage dump. We have also met skilled and generous people who have helped others confirm locations, dates, and sometimes names of people in those kinds of photographs. The goal of Lost and Found Photos is to facilitate such connections. Those who would benefit from using this site:
* Owners of unidentified photos
* Professional and amateur Photo Identification specialists
* Researchers
This is a free service. Registration is only required for posting photos. The new web site currently is in the testing phase. It does look good. See [].

The Zookeeper’s Wife
Sandy Malek, JGSLA President
I recently read The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman. This is a readable story of Jan and Antonina Zabinski, who were righteous Gentiles. Jan was the keeper of the Warsaw zoo. In addition to describing wartime conditions at the zoo, the Zabinskis encountered the Nazi eugenics programs as applied to animals and plants, as well as humans. The events in the Warsaw ghetto are described as seen from outside the ghetto. The Zabinskis acted as a sort of underground railroad station for some 300 Jews who managed to escape from the ghetto, and hid their “Guests” in the lion house, and the pheasant area. At times sad and harrowing, the book is worth reading for the different view of life in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation. The book was published in 2007 and is widely available.

Mar_09_2008_07RON ARONS: Born and raised in New York, Arons has traced his roots to England, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. He has presented at most recent IAJGS conferences, to local JGSs, and at other conferences. He has also published articles in Avotaynu and his book, The Jews of Sing-Sing, will be published this spring. In January, he appeared in the PBS documentary “The Jewish Americans.” A veteran of the computer industry, Arons earned degrees from Princeton.

Mar_09_2008_04PAMELA WEISBERGER (moderator) is program chair for the JGSLA, research coordinator for Gesher Galicia and film festival coordinator for several IAJGS Conferences. A special area of interest has been late 19th to early 20th century city directories, newspapers and court records.

Ship Manifests
Marshall Lerner (as posted on Ukraine SIG)
Some passengers took delayed voyages. Since the manifests were prepared in Europe in advance of departure, the names were struck at the port of arrival since all passengers had to be accounted for. The numbers on the manifest refer to Certificates of Arrival: “On this form the immigrant listed the port name, date and ship of arrival. Copies of this form were sent to the port of entry and checked by a clerk, who located the immigrant’s passenger list. If a corresponding record was found, the INS issued a certificate of arrival and sent it to the naturalization court. Certificates of arrival were first issued under the Basic Naturalization Act of 1906, which went into effect on 27 September 1906. These certificates are generally included in a naturalization records file.” (Thanks to Charlotte Rutta for bringing this to our attention)

Yad Vashem in Arabic
The Yad Vashem website in Arabic was unveiled on Thursday. The goal of this site is to provide the Arab world accurate information about the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis. The new site offers a series of academic research, archival documents and video testimonials of survivors as well as simple witnesses, including Turkish and Albanian Muslims, who saved Jews during World War II. (Thanks to Henriette Roth for bringing this to our attention)

JewishGen Intro To Jewish Genealogy Course
Phyllis Kramer, VP, Education, JewishGen, Inc.
JewishGen offers an online “Basic Genealogy” course, consisting of 8 lessons over 4 weeks. Topics include genealogy formats, trees, organizing and tracking information, interviewing, Jewish naming conventions, U.S. vital records, U.S. Census, Ellis Island passenger manifests, and the JewishGen website and databases. The course is offered quarterly. Tuition is $50, which is waved for those who donate $100 or more annually to JewishGen. To enroll and pay online, go to [] and select the Basic Jewish Genealogy Course (registration is limited to 60 students and will close when the class is filled). If you qualify for the tuition waver, send an email to [] along with your JewishGen ID and you will receive instructions for registering.

Records Access Around the World
Jan Meisels Allen, IAJGS Director & Chairperson, Public Records Access Monitoring CommitteeCANADA: Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has extended its hours. The new hours of operation for the Consultation Rooms and the Canadian Genealogy Centre on the third floor, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, are: Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 11 p.m., Saturday – Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Statutory Holidays: Closed. For more information see [].GREAT BRITAIN: Census has long been a tool of the genealogist. It appears that the census records as we have known may become a thing of the past. Great Britain is considering abandoning the census due to the increased mobility of the population which will make it more difficult for accurate counting. If it occurs it would happen after the 2011 census. (There will only be six questions on the 2010 Census reducing its value to genealogists.)NEW ZEALAND: The New Zealand Parliament has passed a bill permitting individuals to access records on themselves and their immediate family and can authorize others to research their own records. Historical records (births over 100 years old, stillbirths over 50 years old, marriages and civil unions that occurred over 80 years ago, name changes for those who were born outside of New Zealand over 100 years ago, deaths that occurred over 50 years ago) may be accessible on the internet for a fee. Obtaining records over the Internet is a new for New Zealand.UNITED STATES: The state legislative sessions are starting and already bills have been introduced that if enacted will reduce access to information on death certificates. Bills under consideration in Vermont addressing death certificates (SB 319, H397) would wipe out SSNs and cause of death. Practice Safe Computing
Hal Bookbinder, D&U EditorEveryone who uses a computer to attach to the Internet needs to take reasonable precautions to protect their system. Otherwise, they put both their system and others at risk.

  • Have a current anti-virus program AND a current anti-spy-ware program running on your computer.
  • Renew your anti-virus & anti-spy-ware subscriptions so that you continue to get the latest pattern files.
  • Don’t open suspicious emails. If your email program automatically previews emails, turn the feature off.
  • Set up your computer to download the latest security patches from Microsoft. They are quickly exploited.
  • Turn on your XP or Vista system’s internal firewall, or install another software or hardware firewall.
  • If you have wireless access at home, set it up with an ID that is not broadcast, allowing anyone access.
  • Use passwords that are not easy to guess (like a month, weekday or a pet’s name), and don’t write them down.
  • Regularly back up your data to media that you keep separate from your computer (over the Internet or on a portable disk).
  • Get a Macintosh (only half-joking…they are designed better to avoid viruses and spy-ware)

UCLA Library Judaica Collection
Hal Bookbinder, D&U Editor

The UCLA Judaica collection contains more than 170,000 volumes, including over 500 Yizkor books. Check it out at [].

Yizkor books in the UCLA collection:

Akkerman, Aleksandria, Aleksandrow, Annopol, Antopol, Augustow, Bakalerzewo, Baklerava, Baklrovo, Baranow, Baranowicze, Bardejov, Bedzin, Belchatow, Belz, Bendery, Beregovo, Beregszasz, Berehovo, Beresteczko, Berezno, Bershad, Bessarabia, Biala-Podlaska, Biala-Rawska, Bialobrzegi, Bialystok, Biecz, Bielica, Bielsko-Biala, Bielsk-Podlaski, Bilgoraj, Bivolari, Bobrka, Bobruisk, Bolechow, Borsa, Borszczow, Bransk, Brichany, Brichevo, Brzesc-Nad-Bugiem, Brzezany, Brzeziny, Brzozow, Buczacz, Budzanow, Bulgaria, Bursztyn, Busk, Bychawa, Byten, Cakovec, Chelm, Chmielnik, Chorostkow, Chorzele, Chrzanow, Ciechanow, Ciechanowiec, Cieszanow, Czestochowa, Czortkow, Czyzewo, Dabrowa-Gornicza, Daugavpils, Dawidgrodek, Debica, Deblin, Debrecen, Derecske, Dereczyn, Des, Dobrzyn, Dohlinov, Dokszyce, Drohiczyn-Nad-Bugiem, Drohiczyn-Poleski, Drohobycz, Druja, Druzkopol, Dubno, Dubossary, Dumbraveny, Dunaszerdahely, Dusetos, Dusiat, Dynow, Dzialoszyce, Dziewieniszki, Dzisna, Eger, Ejszyski, Falenica, Fehergyarmat, Felshtin, Filipova, Filipove, Frampol, Gabin, Galicia, Gargzdai, Garwolin, Glebokie, Gliniany, Glinojeck, Gniewaszow, Goniadz, Gora-Kalwaria, Gostynin, Goworowo, Grabowiec, Grajewo, Grodek, Grodek-Jagiellonski, Grodno, Grojec, Halmi, Harlau, Holszany, Horochow, Horodec, Horodenka, Horodlo, Hoszcza, Hrubieszow, Huedin, Husiatyn, Ilja, Iwie, Iwieniec, Jadow, Janow, Jaroslaw, Jaslo, Jaworow, Jedrzejow, Jedwabne, Jezierna, Jezierzany, Jonava, Jozefow, Kalarash, Kalisz, Kalusz, Kaluszyn, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Kamieniec-Litewski, Kamien-Koszyrski, Karpatalja, Kazimierz, Kedziniai, Khotin, Kielce, Kisvarda, Kleck, Klobucko, Klosowa, Kobryn, Kobylnik, Kock, Koidanovo, Kolbuszowa, Kolno, Kolo, Kolomyja, Kolozsvar, Konin, Koprzywnica, Korczyna, Korelicze, Korzec, Kosow, Kosyno, Kowel, Kozieniec, Krakow, Krasnik, Krasnobrod, Krasnopole, Krasnystaw, Krekenava, Krynki, Krzemieniec, Kurow, Kutno, Kuty, Lachowicze, Lachwa, Lancut, Lanowce, Lask, Latvia, Leczyca, Lenin, Lesko, Lezajsk, Lida, Lipkany, Lipniszki, Lithuania, Lodz, Lomza, Losice, Lowicz, Lubcza, Lublin, Luboml, Luck, Ludwipol, Lukow, Luniniec, Lwow, Mad, Makow-Mazowiecki, Maramures, Margita, Marijampole, Markuleshty, Markuszow, Marosvasarhely, Merkine, Michow, Miechow, Miedzyrzec, Miedzyrzec-Wolyn, Mielec, Mikulince, Minsk, Minsk-Mazowiecki, Mir, Mizocz, Mlawa, Mlynow, Mogielnica, Molczadz, Mosty-Wielkie, Motol, Nagykallo, Nagymihaly, Nagyszollos, Nieswiez, Novograd-Volynskiy, Nowy-Dwor, Nowy-Sacz, Nowy-Targ, Olkeniki, Olkusz, Olyka, Opatow, Opoczno, Oradea, Orgeyev, Ostrog, Ostroleka, Ostrov, Ostrova, Ostrow, Ostrowiec, Ostrow-Mazowiecka, Oszmiana, Otwock, Ozorkow, Paks, Papa, Parysow, Piaski, Pinczow, Pinsk, Piotrkow-Trybunalski, Plock, Plonsk, Poczajow, Podhajce, Poland, Postyen, Praga, Preraslia, Proskurov, Pruszkow, Pruzana, Przasnysz, Przedborz, Przedecz, Przemysl, Przerosl, Przytyk, Psheroshle, Psherosla, Pulawy, Pultusk, Raciaz, Radom, Radomsko, Radomysl-Wielki, Radoszkowice, Radziechow, Radzin, Radziwillow, Radzymin, Rakospalota, Ratno, Ratzk, Rawa-Ruska, Rembertow, Rietevas, Rohatyn, Rokiskis, Rokitno, Rowne, Rozan, Rozana, Rozwadow, Rubiezewicze, Rudki, Ruscova, Ryki, Rypin, Rzeszow, Salaj-Szilagy, Saloniki, Sambor, Sanok, Sarnaki, Sarny, Satu, Sekiryani, Serock, Shpola, Siedlce, Siedliszcze, Siemiatycze, Sierpc, Sinjawka, Skala, Skalat, Skarzysko-Kamienna, Skierniewice, Skole, Skuodas, Slonim, Slutsk, Smorgonie, Sochaczew, Sokal, Sokolka, Sokolow, Sokoly, Sompolno, Sopockinie, Sosnowiec, Stanislawow, Staszow, Stavische, Stawiski, Stepan, Stoczek-Wegrowski, Stolin, Stolpce, Stryj, Stryzow, Suchowola, Suprasi, Suvalk, Suwalki, Swieciany, Swir, Swislocz, Szamosujvar, Szczebrzeszyn, Szczekociny, Szczuczyn, Szransk, Szumsk, Szydlowiec, Targowica, Tarnobrzeg, Tarnopol, Tarnow, Tasnad, Telechany, Telsiai, Teplik, Ternovka, Tlumacz, Tluste, Tluszcz, Tomaszoe-Mazowiecki, Tomaszow-Lubelski, Topolcany, Transylvania, Trembowla, Tuczyn, Turka, Turna, Turobin, Turzec, Turzysk, Tykocin, Tysmienica, Tyszowce, Uhnow, Ujpest, Ukraine, Uscilug, Vilna, Vishan, Vitebsk, Wadowice, Warka, Warsaw, Warta, Wegrow, Werenow, Wieliczka, Wielun, Wieruszow, Wierzbnik, Wilejka, Wislica, Wisniowiec-Nowy, Wiszniew, Wloclawek, Wlodawa, Wlodzimierz, Wlodzinierzec, Wojslawice, Wolbrom, Wolkowysk, Wolomin, Wolozyn, Wysock, Wysokie-Mazowieckie, Wyszkow, Wyszogrod, Yampol, Yedintsy, Yekaterinoslav, Yelineve, Yustingrad, Zablotow, Zabludow, Zaglebie, Zambrow, Zamosc, Zarki, Zawiercie, Zdunska, Zdzieciol, Zelow, Zgierz, Zinkov, Zloczew, Zloczow, Zofiowka, Zolkiew, Zoludek, Zychlin and Zyrardow.

Upcoming Meeting
Sunday, April 13 , 11AM – 3PM, Mini Film Festival, Brunch and Lecture: BBC series “Who Do You Think You Are” and writer Jim Van Buskirk on: “My Grandmother’s Suitcase: A Family Memoir,” Milken Community Campus, West Hills.
Wednesday, May 2 1, 7:30 PM – “Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World,” Dr. Jeffrey Malka, Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue, Encino.
IAJGS Conference
Check the conference website for a free hotel stay drawing, for conference information and to register online. The Conference will be in Chicago August 17-21 []. The program will be finalized by late February and posted to the website around March 1. To be kept up to date on latest news, join the conference listserv, hosted by JewishGen (join as you would for any SIG listserv).