Future Meetings

Valerie Edwards The Double Life of Szmul Jedwabinski

August 25, 2019
1:30 pm

AJU Sperber Community Library, Los Angeles CA

Speaker: Valerie Edwards

Valerie Edwards “The Double Life of Szmul Jedwabinski” August 25th, 2019  Sunday Afternoon  1:30 pm at AJU Valerie Edwards  will speak about “The Double Life of Szmul Jedwabinski”, an intriguing family detective story. There was a legend in the family that grandfather Samuel Edwin of Chicago had a second family in New York. Using DNA matching, interviews with family members, life events and movements from Poland to New York to Chicago, and archival records in Poland and the United States, Valerie Edwards investigated whether Samuel Edwin, Samuel Edwards and Szmul Jedwabinski were in fact the same person with two different [...]

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Leonard Friedman: "My Father's Tangled Journey from Galicia to Los Angeles"

September 22, 2019
1:30 pm

Speaker: Leonard Friedman

Leonard Friedman "My Father's Tangled Journey from Galicia to Los Angeles" Sept. 22nd, 2019  Sunday Afternoon  1:30 pm at AJU Leonard Friedman will speak about “My Father’s Tangled Journey from Galicia to Los Angeles.” While Leonard’s father was very reluctant to share his story before arriving in the US, this talk will fill in some of those early stories and seemingly random events which enabled his father to reach the US during WWII, and how Leonard learned of them. Leonard will recount his father’s roots in historic Brody (a city that was in four different countries in the twentieth century), [...]

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