The 2005 IAJGS Outstanding Project Award

In 2005, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles was the recipient of the IAJGS Outstanding Project Award, which the IAJGS presents annually to “a person, persons or organization either in recognition of a single program or series of programs, or in recognition of a single project or series of projects.”

In 2004, JGSLA had celebrated its 25th anniversary in several ways:

  1. Nancy Holden, editor of Roots-Key, created a special double issue to mark this milestone. The issue also included a nine-page centerfold spread of pre-1900 photographs of JGSLA ancestors.
  2. David Hoffman composed a 25th Anniversary Memorial Program Booklet that generated donations to a Special Projects and Programs Fund.
  3. Pamela Weisberger filmed and edited a video, “Genealogy, Anyone?” which combined interviews with founding members and present members. The video was shown at our October 25th Anniversary meeting.
  4. Miriam Weiner, JGSLA member and noted genealogist, was one of our featured speakers.
  5. In honor of our anniversary we presented a special speaker, at the Skirball Cultural Center. Program Vice President, Jan Allen, organized a speaking tour for Yale Reisner, from Warsaw to the U.S. and Canada, with the cooperation of five other Jewish Genealogical Societies.
  6. Programs were co-sponsored with major Jewish institutions in Los Angeles, including the Skirball Cultural Center, the Museum of Tolerance, the Simon Wiesenthal Library and Archives, and the Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles.
  7. The society participated in a very successful Yiddishkayt Festival at the Japanese Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and in special events at the Museum of the American West/Autry National Center, and the New Jewish Community Center at the Milken.

In recognition of the award, the JGSLA received a plaque from the IAJGS, which reads:Award_Photo_Sonia_Hoffman

Outstanding Program Award
Presented to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles

Recognizing a series of 25th Anniversary events, publications and programs.  This included a special edition of Roots-Key containing fifty original articles, a professional video of member interviews honoring the Society’s founders and its history, two special programs featuring prominent speakers and a commemorative booklet. This coordinated series of efforts should serve as a prototype for other genealogical societies in promoting creative programs and projects.

International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
Hal Bookbinder, President
July 2005