Los Angeles County Archives


Hall of Records

227 North Broadway/320 West Temple St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012


(213) 974-1195; Room 103 (213) 974-3429


Room 212: Probate Records, Divorce Records, and Civil Case Records :

Room 103: See description under Superior Court. Assessor’s Map Books. These are older versions of the map books found in the Assessor’s Office. They are useful for determining when an old property was sold and who the buyer and seller were. They are kept in a “self-service” room; the books are open shelves and available to for public use. There is usually an attendant near the door who can answer questions on how to use the books, but you will have to do your own research and lug the books around yourself. (They are quite large and often very heavy.)


Finding Aids:

The old indexes of probate, divorce and civil cases are in Room 212, but are somewhat disorganized.


There are book indexes for the following years:

Probate June 1, 1880 to December 31, 1934

January 1, 1935 to September 30, 1951

Plaintiff (including divorce) January 1, 1880 to December 31, 1920 (24 volumes covering approx. 2 years each)

January 1, 1921 to December 31, 1930

January 1, 1931 to December 31, 1939

Defendant January 1, 1940 to December 31, 1948


The book indexes are in Row 7 of the bookshelves.

Indexes for 1948-1965 for civil cases, and for 1953-1965 for probate are available on microfiche at Counter 3 to the left of the index cases.


In addition to the indexes, the actual registers for each case type are available