Putting Flesh on the Bones: New & Improved! with Ron Arons


Tuesday, February 6, 2012 — 7:30PM

Toyota USA Automobile Museum
19600 Van Ness Ave., Torrance, CA 90501

Why limit your self to simply expanding your family tree by looking for names, dates and places?  Beyond the questions Who?,When?, and Where?, it is possible to explore the far more interesting questions, WHY? and HOW?  Why did our ancestors behave the way they did?   How did they have an impact on us?

In this presentation, Ron provides two related examples from his own research experience on how this process works.  The unexpected benefit of this approach is that it allowed Ron to push back his family tree four more generations and find many living relatives he never knew beforehand.  The presentation has been updated this past year with new finds related to the same story and a more crystallized explanation of how the process can be used by anyone.

photo_ron_arons2-99x150Ron Arons has given entertaining presentations on genealogy across the country for many years. In 2008, Ron published The Jews of Sing Sing, about Jewish criminals who served time at the famous prison in New York and appeared on the PBS TV special The Jewish Americans, discussing famous Jewish criminals of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  In 2010, Ron published WANTED! U.S. Criminal Records.  These books and a line of ‘Black Sheep of the Family’ products are available on his website, www.ronarons.com.  Ron studied at Princeton and the University of Chicago.

JGSLA members free.  Guests $5.00. The JGSLA Traveling Library will be available at 7:00PM and refreshments will be served.