Western States Jewish History 31 Year Index

Western States Jewish History 31 Year Index

Compiled by David W. Epstein, in Western States Jewish History, Vol. XXXII, No. 2/3, Winter/Spring 2000, and additional articles for 2001-2003.
Publisher: Gladys Sturman
Articles for Los Angeles and Southern California; see full index for more articles for other cities/states.
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Western States Jewish History

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Four issues – October, January, April and July

Articles:Los Angeles



1877 Mansion of I.W. Hellman of Los Angeles: An Architectural Story 11/4
1890s Arrival in Los Angeles from the Ukraine Maidenberg, Harry F. 24/1
A New Era: 1962: A Sephardic Messenger Account Candiotty, Max 28/4
Abe Haas: Portrait of a Proud Businessman Scharlach, Bernice 12/1
Adophe Danziger de Castro, Publications & References Powell, Christopher A. 28/4
Aid Pours in After the Earthquake, 1994 Heritage Newspapers 27/3
Albert Einstein: One of Two Schlemiels [Long Beach Earthquake of 1933] Meyer, Larry L. 27/3
The Assassination Attempt on Mickey Cohen and the Subsequent Fallout, 1949-1950 Sparrow, Ralph 34/3
B’nai B’rith Social Scene in Los Angeles, 1902 Black, Julius R. 14/2
Babin’s Kosher Restaurants: A Los Angeles Odyssey Raphael, Marc L. 1/4
Banker of the Southland in 1885 Lynch, Joseph D. 9/3
Before and the Beginning of Federation in Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 19/1
Beginning of Los Angeles’ First Jewish Hospital Harris, Victor 8/3
Beginning of the Jewish Consuptive Relief Association (City of Hope) 20/2
Ben Platt: Music Tycoon of Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 16/4
Ben Rose and the Bachelor’s Club of Los Angeles Stern & Kramer 20/2
Boyle Heights Victory House in Los Angeles Sells over $1,000,000 in World War II Bonds and Stamps, 1943 30/2
Cantor Yosele Rosenblatt in Los Angeles, 1925 Clar, Reva 13/1
Chaim Weizmann in Los Angeles: Fifty Years Ago 6/3
Charity Knows Neither Race Nor Creed: Jewish Philanthropy to Roman Catholic Projects in LA, 1856-1876 Engh, Michael E. 21/2
Charles F. Lummis and the Newmarks Gordon, Dudley 7/1
Confirmation at Temple B’nai B’rith, Los Angeles, 1913 Epstein, David 31/1
Congregational Politics in Los Angeles, 1897 Veritas 6/2
Cream of Los Angeles Society, 1902 14/3
Day in Santa Monica, 1884 Meyer, Rosalie 6/1
Diary of Isaias W. Hellman, 1911, Part 1 Hellman, I.W. 22/1
Diary of Isaias W. Hellman, 1911, Part 2 Hellman, I.W. 22/2
Dr. Jose A. Nessin and the Sephardic Educational Center Kramer, William M. 28/4
The Early History of Congregation B’nai B’rith, A WSJH Archival Discovery 33/1
Earthquake of 1933 (Long Beach) Harris, Ira L. 27/3
Eddie Cantor: Hollywood Jewish Activist Kramer, William M. 24/3
Einstein Among the Stars: Hollywood and the Scientist Kramer, William M. & Lesser, Julian “Bud” 25/3
Einstein in California: 1933, The Last Visit to the American West, Part 4 Kramer, William M. 26/1
Einstein in California: A Farwell – 1933, Part 5 Kramer, William M. 26/2
Einstein in California: Southern California Accaims a Hero, Part 3 Kramer, William M. 25/4
Emanuel Schreiber: Los Angeles’ First Reform Rabbi, 1885-1889, Part 1 Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 9/4
Emanuel Schreiber: Los Angeles’ First Reform Rabbi, 1885-1889, Part 2 Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 10/1
Encore Clar, Reva 23/3
European Jewish and Non-Jewish Marital Patterns in Los Angeles, 1910-1913: A Comparative Approach Raphael, Marc Lee 6/2
Exiled Roumanian Jews Here in L.A., 1904 29/3
Farewell to Jewish Historian Max Vorspan, Scholar and Gentleman, 1916-2002 Kramer, William M. 35/1
Farewell to Jewish Historian Fred Rochlin, 1923-2002 Sturman, Gladys 35/1
Father of Warner Brothers, 1931 19/1
FDR, Jews and the Movies Lesser, Julian “Bud” 24/4
Federation of Jewish Charities of Los Angeles, 1923 Goldman, May W. 23/1
Fighting Bigotry: On the Airwaves, in Government, and on the Streets, Los Angeles, 1948 McWilliams, Carey 33/1
Film Industry Recollection Myers, Carmel 18/4
First Jew of Los Angeles Stern & Kramer 21/3
First Jew to Run for Mayor of Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 12/3
First Jewish Community Site, Los Angeles Cohen, Thomas 1/3
First Jewish Physician of Los Angeles Clar, Reva 4/1
First Jewish President of the Los Angeles City Council Caper, Gene & Stern, Norton B. 17/1
First President of Los Angeles Communidad: Gustave Adolf Danziger Becomes Adolphe de Castro Kramer, William M. 28/4
First Synagogue in Los Angeles Owen, Tom 1/1
Forgotten Founder of the Jewish Homes for the Aging of Greater Los Angeles 22/1
Forgotten Memorial to a Jewish Sargent Stern, Norton B. 14/1
From San Jose to Hollywood: The Rise of Jesse L. Lasky Jaffe, Grace 11/1
Goldbergs of Boyle Heights: A Picture Story 19/1
Growing Up on Temple Street During the “Twenties and Thirties,” Los Angeles Eye Witness Accounts Gathered byRogo, Mort 33/4
Harrold Weinberger Lesser, Julian “Bud” 26/1
Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles, California: Constitution and By-Laws, 1855 30/2
Henry H. Lissner, M.D., Los Angeles Physician Stuppy, Laurence J. 8/2
Herman Silver of Silver Lake, Civic Leader and Lay Rabbi, Part 1 Kramer, William M. 20/1
Herman Silver of Silver Lake: Civic Leader and Lay Rabbi, Part 2 Kramer, William M. 20/2
Herman Sugarman, M.D., A Pioneer Jewish Physician of Los Angeles Weisman, Michael H. & Elizabeth A. 17/3
History of the Movement to Establish a Jewish Orphan’s Home in Los Angeles Marchutz, Siegfried G. 9/2
Hollywood and the Los Angeles Jewish Community, Junior Division: A Picture Story Lesser, Julian “Bud” 16/3
How California’s Fifteen-Year-Old Navel Hero Gave His Life Stern & Kramer 14/4
How the ‘Vest was Von’: An Irreverent Account of he Conservative Occupation of Los Angeles Vorspan, Rabbi Max 29/4
How the West Was Lived: Jewish Homes in Los Angeles, 1880-1920, An Ongoing Photo Essay 35/1
Hugo Ballin, A Forgotten Artist of Hollywood, Part 1 Kramer, William M. 24/1
Hugo Ballin, A Forgotten Artist of Hollywood, Part 2 Kramer, William M. 24/2
I Never Saw a Sleeping Person in Shul or School Whom I Did Not Envey Kramer, William M. 30/2
I.M. Hattem and His Los Angeles Supermarket Hattem, Maurice I. 11/3
In Memoriam: Norton Stern Kramer, William M. 24/3
Introduction to “The Los Angeles Sephardic Experience” Kramer, William M. 28/4
Issac Lankership of the San Fernando Valley Stern & Kramer 18/1
Isaac O. Levy of Los Angeles: A :Picture Story 14/3
Jack E. Gindi, Rachel Gindi & the Jack E. Gindi Foundation Kramer, William M. 28/4
Jack I. Copeland, Want-to-be Cowboy, 1903-1975 Copeland, Jack L. 31/1
Jacoby Brothers of Los Angeles 7/4
Jewish Aeronautical Association Lipman, Sue & Stern, Norton B. 4/2
Jewish Bakery History: Los Angeles, 1849-1926 Robbins, Herbert 35/2
Jewish Club of 1933, Inc: A German-Jewish Presence in Los Angeles Bunsel, Annelise & Fogelson, George 29/3
Jewish Defense Agencies at Work: the “Oil Chair” at USC Raphael, Marc 26/3
Jewish Economic and Residential Mobility in Early Los Angeles Gelfand, Mitchell B. 11/4
Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles: Historical Reflections of 125 Years of Service Lainer, Lee 30/4
Jewish Padre to the Pueblo, Pioneer Los Angeles Rabbi, Abraham Wolf Edelman Stern and Kramer 3/4
Jewish Pioneers of Los Angeles: An Overview Stern, Norton B. 33/1
Jewish Response to the Los Angeles Riots Rubin, Susan E. 25/3
Jews in Early Santa Monica: A Centennial Review 7/4
Jews in the 1870 Census of Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 9/1
Kinderman Family of San Bernadino and Los Angeles Fogelson, George J. 22/3
Labatts’ Attack in San Francisco and Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 28/3
Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles in 1892 Katz, Virginia 10/2
Letter from Los Angeles to a European Cousin, 1910 Newmark, Rose Roth 10/1
Letter from Lynne Schwalbe Schwalbe, Lynne 30/3
Letter from Mother to Daughter, Los Angeles to New York, 1867 Newmark, Rosa 5/4
Letter from the Retiring Editor Kramer, William M. 30/3
Living History: A Tribute to Rabbi Alfred Wolfe Levey, Samson H. 25/1
Location of Los Angeles Jewry at the Beginning of 1851 Stern, Norton B. 5/1
Long Beach Earthquake of 1933 Lindenbaum, Regina 27/3
Long Beach Earthquake of 1933 Lindenbaum, Regina 12/3
Los Angeles Area Earthquake of 1933 Harris, Ira L. 16/3
Los Angeles B’nai B’rith Lodge No. 487: A 1905 Report 11/2
Los Angeles Broders: A Picture Story 13/3
Los Angeles Earthquake & the Jewish Community, 1994 Kramer, William M. & Gilson, Robin L. 27/3
Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging, Forgotten Origins Stern & Kramer 18/2
Los Angeles Jewish Voters During Grant’s First Presidential Race Stern, Norton B. 13/2
Los Angeles Jewry and Stows Anti-Semitism Stern, Norton B. 7/4
Los Angeles Jewry and the Chicago Fire Stern, Norton B. 6/4
Los Angeles Jewry’s First President Kramer, William M. 7/2
Los Angeles Memories Sichel, Carolyn Meyberg 7/1
Los Angeles Popular Music Director Harris, Ira L. 10/1
Los Angeles Rhodesli Community Hasson, Aron 28/4
Los Angeles, 1970 to the Present Vorspan, Rabbi Max 26/2
Louis Phillips of the Pomona Valley: Rancher and Real Estate Investor Stern, Norton B. 16/1
Man Behind the Spirit of Boyle Heights Kramer, William M. 20/3
Man You Never Had to Ask: Allen Ziegler Kramer, William M. 27/1
Marco H. Hellman Family of Los Angeles: A Picture Story 10/2
Marco Ross Newmark, 1878-1959: First Jewish Historian of the Southland Turner, Justin G. & Stern, Norton B. 1/1
Mark R. Levy, aka Robert A. Rodson, Great-Grandpa Was a Citizen Spy, Los Angeles, 1911-1918 Stinore, Michael 33/4
Marks Brothers of Los Angeles: A Picture Story 11/4
Marriage of Rabbi’s Daughter: Los Angeles 1880 6/3
Mary Pickford: From a Moment of Intolerance to a Lifetime of Compassion Stern & Kramer 13/3
Maurice Amado and the Amado Foundation Kramer, William M. 28/4
Max Zimmer, Builder and Philanthropist, 1893-1999 Kramer, William M. 31/4
Memoirs of George J. Delmer: Seaman and Policeman, Part 2 Delmer, George J. 14/4
Memories of an 1890s Pomona Boyhood Cole, Sylvan 11/4
Memories of the San Fernando/Sylmar Quake, 1971 27/3
Men of Distinction in Early Los Angeles: A Gallery Story 7/3
Michael G. Solomon, 1868-1927, Rabbi and Lawyer of Los Angeles Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 14/1
Mina Norton, First Teacher at Santa Monica Canyon School: A Picture Story 14/1
Abraham Mooser: First Jewish Businessman of Santa Monica, California Stern, Norton B. 1/3
Morris L. Goodman: The First American Councilman of the City of Los Angeles Stern & Kramer 24/334/4
Morton Adrian Bauman: An Obituary Wolf, Alfred 29/4
Murder Victim’s Burial in Los Angeles, 1855 Stern & Kramer 9/1
My Boyle Heights Childhood, Los Angeles 1940s & 50s Hoffman, Abraham 35/1
My Early Years Meyar, Eugene 5/2
My Father Owns Stock: Private versus Public Control of the Los Angeles River Hoffman, Abraham 12/2
My Son Came Out of the Closet Herman, Agnes G. 27/2
Name of Los Angeles’ First Jewish Newspaper Stern, Norton B. 7/2
New Club of Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 10/4
New Jewish Cemetery in East Los Angeles, 1902: A Picture Story 11/1
Newmark, Myer Joseph Stern, Norton B. 2/3
Nineteenth Century Conversion in Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 16/4
Norton B. Stern Memorial Statements 24/4
Norton B. Stern, Pioneer Western Historian and Founding Editor of the First Western Jewish Historical Quarterly Rochlin, Harriet 30/3
Old Jewish Cemetery in Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles: A Picture Story 9/2
Organized Jewish Life Begins in Pasadena 20/1
Orthodox View of Los Angeles Jewry, 1954 Swift, Rabbi Moshe 24/3
Our Temple of Healing: 1962: A Sephardic Messenger Account Cohen, Aron 28/4
Picture Story #2: The Stern and Goodman Store, Fullerton, 1890 3/4
Picture Story #3: Jeannette Lazard and Her Los Angeles School, 1885 Lazard, Jeannette 4/1
Picture Story #5: Ark, Curtin and Chuppah in the Southland’s First Synagogue 4/3
Picture Story #6: The Bar Mitzvah of a Rabbi’s Son, Los Angeles, 1882 4/4
Picture Story #8: Map of the Alexandre Weill Tract of Los Angeles 5/2
Picture Story #9 5/3
Picture Story #10: Theodore Roosevelt and Meyer Lissner Photograph, Los Angeles, 1915 5/4
Picture Story #11: Cohn-Goldwater Building 6/1
Picture Story #12: Charlie Chaplin in Boyle Heights 6/2
Picture Story #14: Los Angeles Confirmation Seventy Years Ago 6/4
Picture Story #15: Hillcrest Gold Tournament Winners, 1923 7/1
Picture Story #18: First Orthodox Synagogue in Los Angeles 7/4
Potpourri of Los Angeles Groups: A Gallery Story 5/2
Precedent for Ecumenism Weber, Francis J. 19/2
Preparations for Passover: The Origin of Spring Cleaning? Essrig, Rabbi I. David 29/3
President’s Report, Federation of Jewish Charities, Los Angeles, 1917 Mosbacher, George 11/1
Putting the Pieces Together: 1994 Earthquake Hollander, Zvi B. 27/3
Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin and the Modernization of Los Angeles Jewry, Part 1 Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 19/3
Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin and the Modernization of Los Angeles Jewry, Part 2 Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 19/4
Rabbi Jacob Ott of Temple Tifereth Israel Hattem, “Bob” I. 28/4
Rabbi Max Nussbaum of Hollywood and the World 25/2
Rabbi Sigmund Hecht; A Man Who Bridged Centuries, Part 1 Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 7/4
Rabbi Sigmund Hecht; A Man Who Bridged Centuries, Part 2 Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 8/1
Rabbi Sigmund Hecht; A Man Who Bridged Centuries, Part 3 Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M. 8/3
Rabbi William M. Kramer Speaks: “Of God and His Friends,” 1968 Kramer, William M. 30/3
Rabbi William Mordechai Kramer-My Friend Brin, Herb 30/3
Reconstruction and Havurah Margolis, Peter 27/4
Reflections of an American Historian Kramer, William M. 27/4
Remembering Los Angeles Jewish Pioneers: Harris Newmark and Isaias W. Hellman Stern, Norton B. 29/4
Report to Los Angeles Jewry in 1870 Wartenberg, Henry 21/3
Reva Howitt Clar, 1906-1977 30/1
Rhodesli Register of Los Angeles Pioneers and a Sourcebook for Rhodesli Scholarship Hasson, Aron 28/4
Richard Nixon, The President, The Library & the Jewish Connection Tugend, Tom 27/1
Roumanian Jews Begin Arriving in Los Angeles, 1902 14/4
San Francisco Report of the Confirmation of Los Angeles Congregation B’nai B’rith, June 10, 1870 30/1
Sephardic Founders of the Los Angeles Jewish Community: Samuel K. & Joseph Labatt Stern & Kramer 28/4
Sephardic Home for the Aged Elects Hasson to Presidency 28/4
Sephardic Jews of Rhodes in Los Angeles Hasson, Aron 6/4
Sephardim of Los Angeles in 1930 Reynolds, Louis G. 3/3
Sephardim of Los Angeles in 1930, A Press Account Reynolds, Louis G. 28/4
Sigmund Frey: Los Angeles Jewry’s First Professional Social Worker Axe, Ruth Frey 8/4
Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles Kramer, William M. 28/2
Sol Lesser and Upton Sinclair: The Record of Friendship Lesser, Stephen O. 12/2
Solomon Lazard of Los Angeles Landau, Francine 5/3
Solomon Lazard’s American Citizenship 16/1
Solomon Nunes Carvalho Helped in Founding the Los Angeles Jewish Community Kramer, William M. 28/4
Some of My Los Angeles Jewish Neighbors Mesmer, Joseph 7/3
Story of an Unusual Ordinary Man: Mendel Meyer of Los Angeles and Santa Monica Stern & Kramer 16/2
Study of Los Angeles Jewish History: An Analytical Consideration of a Major Work Stern & Kramer 3/1
The Subbotniki: Secret Jews of Boyle Heights Kramer, William M. 35/2
Temple Tifereth Israel of Los Angeles Samuels, Beth & Kramer, William M. 28/4
The Germains of Los Angeles Ashby, Harriet 2/4
This is the Way We Used to Live Levi, John Newmark, Sr. 4/2
Toward a Biography of Isaias W. Hellman: Pioneer Builder of California Stern, Norton B. 2/1
Tribute to Max Vorspan Kramer, William M. 26/4
Turn of the Century Days at Klauber Wangenhein Co. 24/4
Turnverein: A German Experience for Western Jewry Stern & Kramer 16/3
Two Letters from the Jewish Patriarchs of Los Angeles Newmark, Joseph 11/3
Unexpected Help in 1898 for the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles Harris, Victor 21/1
Visit of the Spanish Royal Couple to Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in Los Angeles 28/4
Visitor’s Report on Los Angeles and San Francisco, 1937 Currick, Max C. 13/1
Waterman Report [Long Beach Earthquake of 1933] Waterman, Evelyn 27/3
When Einstein Fiddled in Pasadena: A Non-scientific View of His California Years, Part 1 Kramer, William M. 25/1
When the Franco-Prussian War Came to Los Angeles Stern, Norton B. 10/1
William M. Kramer Kramer, William M. 29/2
William M. Kramer, “My Lifetime of Careers,” 1994 Kramer, William M. 30/3
Willie “Young Abe Attell” Clar 22/2
Wolf Kalisher: Immigrant, Pioneer Merchant and Indian Advocate Carrico, Richard L. 15/2
Writings of a Founder of Zionism in Los Angeles Fram, Harry 9/3
Zionism in Los Angeles on Its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, 1927 Riche, Aaron 23/1
Southern California Articles Author(s)
A. Levy of the Bank Stern & Kramer 7/2
Alphonse Weill of Bakersfield Weill, Irma 4/1
Bad Day at San Bernardino Stern, Norton B. 7/1
Charitable Jewish Ladies of San Bernardino and their Woman of Valor, Henrietta Ancker Stern, Norton B. 13/4
Daniel Cave: Southern California Pioneer Dentist, Civic Leader and Masonic Dignitary Kramer, William M. 9/2
Early Jews of Riverside Reznick, Samuel 12/2
Few San Bernardino Businessmen in 1892 15/2
Greenwoods of San Bernardino Neumann, Dorothy 15/3
Henry Levy and Family and the Independence Hotel 20/3
House Committee Probes Nazi Activities on Coast at Los Angeles Hearings, 1934 Vigilante 30/4
Isaac Harris Family of Independence, Inyo County, CA 19/1
Jacob Stern Family of Orange County and Hollywood 15/4
Jewish New Year, 5650, in San Bernardino Katz, Marcus 26/2
Kaspare Kohn: A Man Who Helped Make Southern California, Part 1 Kramer, William M. 23/3
Kaspare Kohn: A Man Who Helped Make Southern California, Part 2 Kramer, William M. 23/4
King of Temecula, Louis Wolf Stern, Norton B. 22/2
Layman as Rabbinic Officiant in the Nineteenth Century Stern & Kramer 16/1
Letters from Jacob H. Schiff and David Wolffson to Barnard Schireson, El Centro, California, 1914 Schiff, Jacob H. & Wolffson, David 9/4
The Levys: Father and Son, Abraham and Joe, The Compassionate Bankers of Ventura County, California Kern, Linda 34/4
Long Beach California Jewry: Viewed in 1930 and 1968 Franklin, Harvey B. 23/2
Louis Joseph of Big Pine, California Joseph, Zetta 19/3
Marks Lazard, Merchant of the San Gabriel Mission 13/1
Memoirs of Marcus Katz: San Bernardino Pioneer Katz, Marcus 1/1
The Mendelson House in San Juan Capistrano, California, 187401933 Sturman, Gladys 34/3
Mission to San Bernardino in 1879 Stern, Norton B. 10/3
Murder to be Forgotten Stern, Norton B. 9/2
Nasatir Family in Santa Ana, California, 1898-1915 Nasatir, Abraham P. 15/3
Ode to Albert Ancker of Tehachapi Fogelson, George J. 17/4
Picture Story #1: The Cerf Levy Home, Santa Barbara, 1885 3/3
Picture Story #4: Bertha Rose, Queen of Ventura Street Fair, 1900 4/2
Pioneer Jews of Santa Barbara Stern & Kramer 22/4
Pioneer Jews of Ventura County: A Picture Story 14/2
Poland’s Ambassador to the Jewish Diaspora Visits Southern California Kramer, William M. 28/2
Qualifications of Teachers: An 1880 Commentary Katz, Marcus 15/4
Remarkable Harris Family of Southern California, Part 1 Gray, Hope Anker 26/1
Remarkable Harris Family of Southern California, Part 2 & 3 Gray, Hope Anker 26/2
Rudolph Anker: San Bernardino Pioneer Fogelson, George J. 17/2
San Bernardino Centennial Newman, Phyllis 7/4
San Bernardino Confirmand’s Report, 1891 Oppenheimer, Sadie 11/2
San Bernardino Hebrew and English Academy Stern & Kramer 8/3
Santa Ana, California: Its First Jews and Jewish Congregations Stern, Norton B. 14/3
Santa Barbara Vignette of 1895 6/1
Simon Goldbaum of San Luis Rey, California Baranov, Helen Goldbaum 13/2
Southern California Engagement, 1887 21/2
St. Louis Visitor Views Southern California in 1883 Newmark, Abraham 10/3
Sud-California Post: A Jewish Editor Views the News Broadbent, T.L. 6/1
Tree Art in Western Jewish Cemeteries Kramer, William M. 2/2
Two Orange County Pioneer Families: A Picture Story 17/4
Wayward Etchings: I.N. Choynski Visits Southern California, 1881 Choynski, I.N. 11/2
Wedding at Independence, California, 1876 22/2
Wine Country Tycoon of Anaheim Stern & Kramer 9/3